ensure environmental standards for film crews (GREEN SET)

The present time is full of wasting limited resources and pollution of nature. For this reason, we are following the example of the US and the UK began to study ways to conserve resources while filming the movie and possibly recycling.

ecological shooting
  • Ensuring a green shoot involves sorting waste, and all the departments of education, such as catering and construction, and other, how to deal with waste.
  • Ecological course of filming in charge of the so-called. Green steward, who documented everything, ecologically destroy and issue the necessary declarations of environmental destruction.
  • All according to your wishes ensure our experienced team composed of professionals of renown in the field and has been operating since 1999. Do not hesitate therefore to contact us anytime! We will provide all that is needed.
  • If you own material, but you do not enjoy the work associated with the management of base services? Glad you about running your base camp care!

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