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Newly we have in our sales portfolio awning systems brand Eschenbach. It is a leading European manufacturer with more than 40-year tradition and quality “Made in Germany”. Tent systems are available in different shapes, colors and sizes that can be installed easily, flexibly and quickly.

Easy construction and operation
  • Modular design allows you to create sophisticated spatial solutions tailored
  • Thanks to the precision and technology of party tents Eschenbach shorten the time of assembly and disassembly to a minimum
  • Party tents / halls can be sized up to a width of 50 m and any length. Tents can also be interconnected, or combine multiple types together
  • Easy to handle, you can do easily after training
  • Ability to customize according to your needs
  • Possibility of storage / maintenance
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Wide range of flooring


Browse the catalog Eschenbach tent systems, we will prepare for you calculation to measure.

Did you know
  • Everything is manufactured in production, proven and tested "Made in Germany"
  • Also regularly leads to product innovations and design changes
  • All production-related services, including components are Made in Germany
  • We cover all your needs: from idea through design, production and installation to maintenance.
  • Tents can be used year round and are 100% waterproof
  • In addition, we can party tents and comprehensive accessories from heating through the floor to ensure construction
  • Furthermore, the production of tailor-made example. Sheds, roofing substandard space
  • Tents ESCHENBACH can be in the company of your favorite color