We now offer party tents brand Eschenbach

Rental apparatus, sound and lighting equipment

Short and long term rental of lighting and sound equipment, including accessories and intelligent control system. Particularly suitable for events with a large number of guests, but this is not a requirement.

You need your action to supplement the equipment of light and sound equipment?

We provide a complete service, making sure that that the services that we were the best and professional level. Therefore, not everything that we offer, we do ourselves. We offer a combination of techniques (assembly) directly to your event – We select and arrange everything for you. We offer kits for corporate parties, family gatherings, press conferences, concerts, as well as other events.


For the sound of your events, parties and events we only offer equipment from leading manufacturers of sound systems: JBL, Mackie, RCF, Alto

  • Our offer includes:
  • active speakers, passive speakers
  • amplifiers, mixers
  • EQ, effects
  • compressors, limiters, gaty
  • microphones


We offer a wide range of lighting equipment for various events focus and scope. There is the world's leading technology brands, plus constantly updated with the latest technical innovations and refinements. You will find even light using LED technology that fits due to its properties for almost any lighting event – It is particularly preferred for their low weight and low power consumption.

We can also offer DMX MUSIC Visualization & DMX 512, including PC software – project tailored specifically for your event

  • Our offer includes:
  • lights and lighting assemblies of various types, including LED lighting
  • the control unit
  • lasers
  • stroboskopy
  • Strobe Command control unit

Look at the current offer rentals and price list for the year 2016.

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