We now offer party tents brand Eschenbach

Arranging events

• Conference presentations • banquets • festivals • Weddings • sporting events

It does not care about how big the event is.

Professionally and carefully we arrange everything we do! We can adjust everything according to your requirements, but if you do not have a clear idea, I will be able to advise and arrange everything to your satisfaction. We take you not only good food but also good drinks. It is important for us to be happy and we are ready for it to do everything in our power!

How to arrange events?
  • We can handle private and corporate events. Do you plan to open new branches, fair, company party, a birthday or anniversary? Going to a concert, a fashion show or teambuilding? We will, if possible, arrange everything right for your event.
What events provide?
  • Conference presentations
  • weddings, banquets
  • festivals
  • sports event

We will provide turnkey Event

Do not hesitate to reach out
ensuring Event

Miloš Cibulec

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Logistics Manager - Car

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    corporate events

    Key events are distinctive of your communications, creating a common experience that is perceived more senses at once. Whether it is opening a new branch, company party, fair, teambuilding, anniversaries or launch a new product. We can help.

    private events

    Are you organizing a party, wedding or just meet friends and do not want to worry about everything. We arrange that everything went as it should.

    Provision of services

    In preparation for the event we are able to provide full electricity and water. We also provide dump trucks, which then liquidate at the designated locations.


    Since 2009 we are engaged, providing facilities for film crews, weddings and events of all kinds. We are able to cope with the event for 30 people as well as good and professionally, as with events for 5,000 people