We now offer party tents brand Eschenbach

film Service

secure facilities for film crews
(base service)

Our company is engaged in providing facilities for film crews (base service) - so called construction. BASE CAMP, ensuring security, as well as providing locations for filming commercials, movies and video clips. We have already collaborated on many films heading and film productions. We are capable of almost any time during the time to build a complete and functional facilities for a large film crew (ie. Base Camp), but also smaller filming or photographing.

Not only ensuring shooting
  • But we also have extensive experience in organizing banquets and other social events that we can provide, thanks to a diverse selection of products and services.
  • We rent party tents, scissor folding tents, mobile heating, mobile air conditioning, electricity and water, lighting, sound, tables and benches, chairs, director chairs, make-up mirror.
experienced team
  • All according to your wishes ensure our experienced team composed of professionals of renown in the field and has been operating since 1999. Do not hesitate therefore to contact us anytime! We will provide all that is needed.
  • If you own material, but you do not enjoy the work associated with the management of base services? Glad you about running your base camp care!

Samples of our events

Our services have been when shooting movies

 not only Czech but also foreign production

Our services have been used during the filming of commercials for brands