We now offer party tents brand Eschenbach

Custom manufacturing of inflatable attractions

From inflatable castle to its own water world

Inflatable attractions that we produce are of high quality as well as all other products in our portfolio. We are able to produce inflatable exactly according to your requirement, both shape and color.

Selecting the shape
  • We will help you find or create the right shape inflatables that best suited to the purpose of your event
  • We are able to supply you inflatables virtually unlimited dimensions
The choice of colors
or printing on peace
  • After selecting a suitable form comes the choice of design and color combinations
  • Printing can be done on the outside sheathing inflatables – surfaces to be jumping in primary colors
  • Easy to handle, you can do easily after training
  • Ability to customize according to your needs
  • Possibility of storage / maintenance

We prepare for you calculation to measure.

inflatable gates
  • Everything is manufactured in production, validated and tested with all necessary quality certificates and instructions
  • We cover all your needs: from idea through design, production and installation to maintenance.
  • inflatables can be used year round and are 100% waterproof
Inflatable advertising media

If you want to take maximum, we can make you a product or any other advertising medium, according to your wishes virtually unlimited size.

  • We manufacture inflatables in all shapes and size
  • Large amounts of color materials or transparent walls
  • Suitable as an advertising medium that attracts nearby
inflatable Pogo Sticks
  • Over 30 different standardized design jumpers
  • bookable other fun elements such as columns or climbing
  • quality finish of the material vysokogramážního
  • More than 25 design slides
  • Veomezená size slides
  • Water and dry slides
  • Suitable for swimming pool
Water inflatables

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  • Suitable as an activity for larger bodies of water
  • We design customized solutions
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